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20 Point Electrical Checklist:

  • Inspect weather head
  • Inspect entrance cable and connections
  • Inspect for proper grounding of electrical service
  • Inspect circuit breaker/fuse boxes for proper mounting
  • Inspect for evidence of water penetration in boxes
  • Inspect electrical box seals
  • Inspect breakers/fuses for double taps
  • Inspect for proper breaker/fuse sizing
  • Check for proper sizing of electrical panels
  • Check amp draw at main panel
  • Check voltage at main panel
  • Check outdoor receptacles for GFI protection
  • Check kitchen receptacles for GFI protection
  • Check bathroom receptacles for GFI protection
  • Check laundry receptacles for GFI protection
  • Test all GFI protected circuits
  • Test all receptacles for proper polarity and grounding
  • Inspect visible wiring for signs of overload conditions
  • Inspect home for aluminum wiring
  • Visual inspection for any safety issues   
Ceiling Fans ChicagoWhen it comes to great service for your ceiling, ventilation and attic fan needs across Chicagoland
Ceiling Fan Installation

SIMPLE INSTALLATION .......... $75.00

Whole House Surge Protection For Your Chicagoland Home

Surge ProtectionWhen it comes to helping to protect your home in Chicaogland from damaging power surges you can rely on a whole house surge protection installation


Distribution Panel ChicagoFor the best service for your electrical service and rewiring needs across Chicagoland 24 hours, 7 days, you can rely on us

Standby Generators- PROTECT CRITICAL POWER NEEDS: A standby generator can help protect critical power needs for homes and businesses, including lighting, cooling and heating, computers, refrigeration, and health-related appliances. In major cities utility power has been lost for as much as a week, and a standby generator helps life and business continue with its most critical power needs.

Fan Experts1. CEILING FANS: With the latest styles and controls, a ceiling fan installation or upgrade from kinslow smith Electric can provide an energy-efficient way to help keep you cool and circulate air in your home. (We can also help with an integrated cooling solution including air conditioning).

2. VENTILATION FANS: Our ventilation solutions can help keep odors and humid air from kitchens and bathrooms to ensure not just a pleasant environment, but also help to reduce the build-up of mold and mildew.

3. ATTIC FANS: Attic fans can be a cost-effective way to help cool your home in summer. The loft space often serves to insulate the home, which can mean that hot air gets trapped in the summer months. By replacing this with cooler fresh air, you can help to reduce the demands on your air conditioning system.

4. SAVE MONEY: Save with our promotions and discounts.

5. UP-FRONT, NO SURPRISE PRICING: You'll always know the full price in advance, and no matter how long the job ends up taking you still pay the same.

6. PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICIANS: Our professional electricians are experienced, fully trained and fully licensed for all of your fan and ventilation needs. We have serviced Chicagoland for over 11 years.

7. FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL: Be sure of friendly, clean-cut and polite electricians that will be punctual and keep your home clean and tidy.


Lighting Design ChicagoWhen it comes to great lighting solutions for your home or business in Chicagoland, you can depend on the professional service and great value you receive from kinslow smith Electric. Already the trusted choice in thousands of homes for over 11 years, you can be sure of on-time, clean-cut electricians with a level of friendly service which is second-to-none.

Residential Electrical

 KINSLOW SMITH Electrical residential division offers complete electrical and communication services. Professional electricians will complete a quality install in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. KINSLOW SMITH partners with homeowners and builders to help with design-build projects for new, remodel, single and multi-tenant installations. Whether you are building a new home, adding a single outlet or need to get your existing electrical up to code, KINSLOW SMITH Electrical can take care of all of your needs.

  • Single & Multi-Family Installs
  • Additions & Remodels
  • Design & Maintenance
  • Repairs & Modifications
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Ceiling Fans
  • New Constructions
  • Underground Wiring
  • Telephone & Computer Cabling
  • Television & Satellite Cabling
  • Home Theater Wiring
  • Light Fixture Installs
  • Appliance Circuits & Connections

    Commercial Electrical

    • Design Build
    • Building Lighting
    • Lighting Retrofits
    • Trenching & Boring
    • Parking Lot Lighting
    • Temporary Power
    • Sports Field Lighting
    • Thermal Imaging
    • Power Distribution
    • Energy Management
    • Security & Life Safety Systems
    • Utility Pole Installation
    • Street & Ornamental Lighting
    • Generator Installs
    • D.C. Power Plants
    • Cellular Telecommunication Install
    • UPS design and installations

    Industrial Electrical

    • Transformers & Switchgear
    • High Voltage Testing
    • High Voltage Splicing
    • Power Distribution
    • Lightning Protection
    • Generators & Emergency Power
    • Plant Equipment Relocation
    • Design Build
    • Grounding Systems
    • Building Lighting


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